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                                       National Indoor Pulling Series

The 2017 National Garden Pulling Indoor Series begins February 3rd at the White Pine, TN pull.  Pulls included in the series:
                                                                White Pine, TN
                                                                Hannibal, MO
                                                                Princeton, IN
                                                                Liberty, KY

For more information on the series, go to "National Garden Tractor Pulling Series" on facebook.

                      2017 Pulling Schedule (tentative)

January 20th and 21st             Hilliard Winter Championship (Springfield, OH)

February 3rd and 4th              NQS (White Pine, TN)

March 10th                                   Keystone Nationals (Harrisburg, PA)

March 31st and April 1st        NQS (Hannibal, MO)

May 5th (6 pm)                          Steam-o-Rama (Rude Dog National)

May 6th (2 pm)                         Steam-o-Rama (Rude Dog National)

May 13th (10 am)                     Elizabethtown, PA

May 20th (9 am)                      Middlecreek Antique Show
                                                                       (Mid Penn Garden Tractor Pullers)

May 27th (10 am)                    Newberrytown (Rude Dog Tractor Pullers)

June 3rd                                      Pulling for the Green (Greene, NY)

June 10th (12 pm)                   Littlestown Christ Church (Rude Dog Tractor Pullers)

July 8th (5 pm)                        Fawn Grove (Rude Dog Tractor Pullers)

July 15th (5 pm)                       Newville (Rude Dog Tractor Pullers)

July 22nd  (1 pm)                    Clark County Fair, OH (Hilliard Tractor Club)

August 17th, 18th & 19th      National Tractor Pulling Championship Pull
                                                                        (Bowling Green, OH)

August 19th (9 am)                 Dover Olde Tyme Days (Rude Dog Tractor Pullers)

August 23rd (6:30 pm)          North Cumberland County Fair
                                                                          (Mid Penn Garden Tractor Pullers)

August 26th (10 am)               Newberrytown (Rude Dog Tractor Pullers)

August 26th (9 am)                  Middlecreek Antique Show
                                                                           (Mid Penn Garden Tractor Pullers)

September 16th (10 am)        Newberrytown (Rude Dog Tractor Pullers)

September 17th (10 am)        Two Top (Rude Dog Tractor Pullers)

September 23rd (12 pm)      Littlestown Christ Church (Rude Dog Tractor Pullers)

September 30th (4 pm)        Steam-o-Rama (Rude Dog Tractor Pullers)

October 6th and 7th              NQS (Princeton, IN)

November 3rd and 4th        NQS (Liberty, KY)


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